CYT Productions provides affordable turnkey meeting and event production solutions with dependability and a smile.

Why should you hire us? We have five significant reasons...

We save you money. Our clients have saved several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars per event in production costs.

We used to be meeting planners too. As previous association meeting planners, our group understands your specific issues and needs. Non-profit associations are run very differently from other organizations, and we understand that unique position. The specific areas of budget limitations, political structure, board initiatives and volunteer involvement are well understood by our event managers.

CYT Productions, LLC is one-stop shopping. We can provide any service that you need for your meeting or event. Of course, you have the option to use as many vendors as you want, but we are unique in providing both competitive pricing and full service management. For the meeting planner with little time, we are confident that we are the best choice.

And most importantly, we love what we do, we are fun to work with and we have a great sense of humor.

We are certified Pandemic Compliance Advisors for Meeting and Event Professionals. PCMA recommends hiring a production company with a PCA certification because it is a “wise strategy” that helps organizations plan events that “adapt health and safety standards to reflect the constantly evolving pandemic.” Click here to read more about the PCA certification.   

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